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Depression  | Rebekah Saxanoff MSW LCSW


Depression. It's one of the silent killers. Studies estimate that upwards of 13% of all Americans have...

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At one time, post traumatic stress disorder was thought to affect only men who'd been warriors...

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Couples Therapy

A marriage is a complex interplay of two individual personalities, personalities that can conflict...

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The lotus flower is a beautiful metaphor for the psychotherapy process. To become the lovely flower that we see, that seedling must push itself up through the muddy bottom ofthe pond and travel through the murky water to reach the sunlight at the surface. Similarly,to reach our own potential, we also must push through our own negative beliefs and feelings resulting from our past experiences. As the path towards that light can be at times challenging to navigate, it helps to have a compassionate guide along the way.

Many individuals attempt to go it alone when confronted by such difficulties as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, abuse, and crippling anxiety. And though admirable, such determined individualism and self-reliance can be self-defeating when it comes to working-through, and resolving, complicated issues such as these. Working with a therapist, or licensed clinical social worker is often the first step on the road to resolution and healing.

Often, people who find themselves facing emotional challenges feel isolated and alone. It's important to realize that other people have experienced similar crises, and blaming or shutting yourself away is not the answer you seek. Sufferers of emotional abuse, or PTSD, for example, often feel as if no one could possibly comprehend their feelings, much less help them to overcome their pain and regain a healthy emotional foothold.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

For many people, the first step towards healing is to recognize that none of us is truly alone. In this complicated world, many people have experienced childhood traumas, PTSD, depression, marital difficulties, and other serious emotional challenges. To understand how others truly do understand where we are, and how we feel, is to begin the journey towards acceptance, resolution, and good emotional health.

If someone you know in New Bern, NC, is suffering from conditions such as PTSD, depression, or abuse, or perhaps you're searching for information on how couples therapy can improve and enhance your marriage, contact me.